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Are you disfellowshipped, or maybe you know someone who was a Jehovah's Witness? Millions now living will never go back! We know faith, hope, and love will conquer for those outside the Watchtower.

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All are welcome to join this private group on Facebook! We encourage you to make this your ministry. As all need encouragement under difficult times of stress and doubt. When we gather together as a support group we gain strength from each other. Hopefully you can see how important you are and to us! Please tell your friends and come check us out on Facebook!

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Listen to internet radio with Healing X Outreach Radio on BlogTalkRadio

Live talk radio with cult specialists Nate & Gus! Keep listening to "Healing X Outreach Radio" every Saturday on BTR! This show is dedicated to provide a wide range of information regarding cults in today's world. We have special guests on the show every weekend. You can get every episode free off of iTunes or subsribe to BTR on the internet! We have interviews with church members, debates on theology - trinity;blood doctrine;1975;etc., and interview the well known brothers and sisters that we have known and loved.We have had popular scholars like Dr.Daniel Wallace, Dr.Michael Brown, Dr. William Tighe, and many other popular names in today's debates. Check out future guests and call in!

updated: May 24, 2013